za•ta•ra: (zah-tar-uh) noun 1. raft 2. driftwood 3. ugly

A Press For Uniquely Designed and Collaboratively Crafted “Artist’s Styled Photobooks”

Zatara Press is an independent, small press, photography book publishing company created in 2014 by Andrew Fedynak, to give a voice to a variety of projects through the medium of unique “Artist’s Styled Photobooks.”

All of our books are produced in Richmond, Virginia.



  • Zatara Press is to a photobook publishing company as a scientist is to a small, private, experimental laboratory.
  • We endeavor to create unique designs expressive of each project and each photographer.
  • Every detail, design, and choice within our books are considered through a collaborative, creative process acting as both facilitators and partners with each photographer.
  • Zatara Press bases its general photobook design principles around the Japanese aesthetic view of Wabi-Sabi.
  • To us, photobooks are poetic art objects as well as statements or narratives.
  • We are not a publishing company wanting to receive rigidly finished book designs, or dummies.
  • We wish to challenge the fundamental nature of the photobook with innovative designs that function to complement each project.
  • The final goal with each book is the ability to take a unique design and streamline it for easier mass production in small quantities (100-2500 depending on which tier of books), thus allowing the message of each project to reach the world.


Andrew Fedynak
Publisher and Designer

Andrew Fedynak (Hartford Art School MFA and ICP One-Year Certificate Program) is a photographer and photobook publisher operating Zatara Press. Formally of Asheville, North Carolina, his projects are often centered on the aesthetic view principles of Wabi Sabi and Zen. Many of these photographs are found around his current home in Richmond, Virginia and in other locations as moments occur.

Giulia Bianchi
Contact Point for Europe

Giulia Bianchi is a photographer working on spirituality and feminism telling stories with words, photos and videos.

She currently lives in Milano, teaching photography, consulting for photographers, editing her own book projects, writing her first novel, making portraits, and studying theology.

Her work has been published in The Guardian, National Geographic, VICE, Marie Claire, La Repubblica, Internazionale, Marie Claire, L’Espresso, Domus, PDN, TIME, American Photo Magazine, Huffington Post, Famiglia Cristiana, Pagina99 and other magazines and books. She has been internationally exhibited. 

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