Unassembled – Group Book – Zatara Press – Press Release


Zatara Press is pleased to announce the release of our 3rd book in 2015, Unassembled.
The following photographers’ work are a part of this group book:

Giulia Bianchi
Aaron Canipe
Laura Cheneult
Dagmar Kolatschny
Michael Phillips

9 x 9 Inches
27 B+W and Color Photographs
62 Pages + Cover
PUR Bound
Zatara Press
ISBN: 978-09903321-4-5
Edition: 250 Copies

This book is a Web and Fair Exclusive.


Book Statement:

Around the themes of Life, Love, Reality, and Dream taken from Dante and Poe, Unassembled provides Zatara Press with the intriguing challenge to assemble visually dissimilar but spiritually congruent bodies of work into a relaxed organic statement

The group book plays a dual function by giving the artists a platform to display a body of their work in a shortened format (shortened primarily due to the number of photographs able to be shown), while also allowing for the photographs to be curatorially recontextualized as something uniquely different or secondary to their primary intentions.  The artists’ collaborative input is encouraged in regards to the sequence and intention of the photographs.