Homesick – Sara J. Winston – Public Release

Homesick – Sara J. Winston – Public Release

Zatara Press is pleased to announce the public release of our first book in the 2015 Season, Homesick by Sara J. Winston.  The book is now available for sale on our website.

The last 8 months have been a wonderful journey of collaborative creative design choices and passionate dreaming with Sara as we’ve brought Homesick into reality.

8.5 x 11.25 Inches
38 Color Photographs
62 Pages + Cover
Wire-O Binding with Wrap Around Cover
ISBN: 978-09903321-2-1
Trade Edition: 500 Copies

A Limited Collected Edition Casebox of Homesick with an original print will be available in late September.

Book Statement:

When you’re sick people say things:

What are avocados good for?

Your stomach is your second brain.

You probably shouldn’t be eating that.

You can stay as long as you like.

I didn’t sign up for this.

We’re just glad you’re here.

-Ani Katz
Homesick is a diary of the artist’s relocation to her family’s property in New York as told through anecdotal photographs of food, phantom limbs, and common things visualized along the journey.  The move–originally prompted by concern for her aging parents’ ailing health–addresses additional concerns as the artist learns of and seeks treatment for her own chronic health condition.

Sustenance, biology, and family are emphasized in the vertical color image pairings. The narrative portrays elements of her new household’s health and well-being from the vantage point of an artist that is digesting a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

The photographs are accompanied with a short story by Ani Katz.

Other News:
In Early September we will also be releasing our 2nd Book, Scavenger: Adventures in Treasure Hunting by Jenny Riffle.  Stay tuned for more information on Scavenger as we go on press later this week.  Then in mid September our quiet group book, Unassembled will finally come back from the presses.

While we were not able to acquire one of the increasingly rare 300 spots at the New York Art Book Fair this year, ZP and our artists will be there roving between tables with a few of our books.  Keep an eye out for us.

Please feel free to visit the website and peruse ZP’s other publications, which are still available.  All of our projects are produced in Richmond, Virginia, and many are printed there as well.

Until Then We Remain,

Zatara Press
Andrew Fedynak