“Everglades” Limited Collector’s Edition Online








Lisa Elmaleh’s Everglades Limited Collector’s Edition Box is now available in the online store. The handcrafted box, an edition of 10, includes a signed copy of Everglades, and an 8″x10” silver gelatin contact print, hand-printed by Elmaleh. This collaborative project has brought together Richmond, Virginia artisans, Kugo Laser (wood burning and laser engraving) and Zietz Furniture (design and fine wood working) to create an exquisite presentation box worthy of the photobook inside.

In Everglades, Lisa Elmaleh utilizes a large-format 8″x10” camera and the wet-plate collodion process to focus on the complexity and uniqueness of the South Florida ecosystems as a form of preservation. Since the 19th century, more than half of the Everglades have been repurposed for urban and agricultural use. The photographs are what remains: a land we are rapidly losing without knowing the magnitude of our loss. Elmaleh is a master of the 18th century wet-plate collodion process, and each plate inspires both a deep connection with the environment and an awareness that the land appears foreshadowed by something haunting and intangible. Read more or purchase your Collector’s Edition here.